Pro Bono

Individuals Who Need Pro Bono/Low Bono Assistance

If you believe you may qualify for pro bono (free) assistance from a lawyer, please fill out the Pro Bono Referral Intake Form and send it to the contact person in your county.


The Bankruptcy Bar Association recognizes the tremendous need for pro bono services in our community, especially during these economic times. The BBA Pro Bono Committee is available to help answer your questions about how to get involved with giving back to our community!

Did you know that there are several ways to be involved:

  • Accept a pro bono Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 matter in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Indian River, Saint Lucie, Okeechobee, or Martin Counties.
    In Miami-Dade, please contact: Kristina Gonzalez, [email protected] and Peter Kelly, [email protected].
    In Broward, please contact: Joe Grant, [email protected].
    In Palm Beach, please contact: Heather L. Ries, [email protected].
  • Staff one of our monthly pro se clinics in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties. Please find the pro se clinic dates on the Bankruptcy Court’s homepage here.
  • Help lead a C.A.R.E. presentation at a local high school and elsewhere in the community. Please contact Ileana Christianson at [email protected].

Please do your part and help those who need it the most! The BBA Pro Bono Committee is here to help provide the resources necessary to guide you through the process when volunteering. Please contact one of the BBA Pro Bono Committee Co-Chairs for more information.

You can also visit the Bankruptcy Court’s Pro Bono Committee web page here.



FACT: The Bankruptcy Bar Foundation supports the funding of a Bankruptcy Legal Coordinator at Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back. The Legal Coordinator conducts intake, screening and placement of eligible pro bono clients to volunteer attorneys and law firm participants who would like to give back to the community. Put Something Back screens and assigns pro bono cases for the BBA on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Dade Legal Aid located at 123 NW 1 Avenue, Miami FL 33128. Attorneys interested in volunteering, accepting a case or mentoring may contact [email protected] to accept a case or for more information.

FACT: The Bankruptcy Legal Coordinator assists in matching mentor attorneys to law students enrolled in the bankruptcy clinical classes at the University of Miami School of Law, Florida International University College of Law and St. Thomas University School of Law. Mentor attorneys work with students in representing pro bono clients in Chapter 7 and 13 cases, or, in limited instances, in an adversary proceeding. For more information, please contact Mahalaxmi “Lucky” Subramaniam, [email protected].